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Cambridge Steiner School receives the green light to move on up!

This summer, our community of parents, teachers and pupils are celebrating an exciting step forward with our plans to extend the school to include secondary education. Instead of waving goodbye to our current Class 5 (Year 6) pupils, we will be inviting them back to continue their educational journey following the Steiner Waldorf curriculum.


The school has enjoyed significant growth in the past few years, as more and more families have chosen to place their children into an educational environment which says ‘yes’ to childhood and child centred learning and ‘no’ to unnecessary pressures and standardised testing. The children acquire knowledge in all the areas of conventional education (maths, science, literacy and so forth), but they also gain something extra: a depth of learning, a pleasure in learning and an enhanced capacity for curiosity, compassion and creativity.


The Steiner Waldorf pedagogy emphasises the role of imagination in learning, striving to integrate holistically the intellectual, practical, and artistic development of pupils. It is based on the belief that education should be full of wonder and adventure, so that a child starts a journey of development and learning that lasts a lifetime.


David van Marle, who currently teaches the eldest pupils, will stay with the children as their main class teacher. David said: “I have been with these children for five years now, so I’m really happy to get the chance to proceed with them to the next academic level. This year we’ve been learning about the ancient Egyptians and the ancient Greeks, so having approval from the Department for Education means that we can start moving on to the Romans and the start of the Medieval times next year!”


Take the BUS to SCHOOL and HOME again

The School have a school bus running from the centre of Cambridge to the Steiner School every morning and now making the return journey from the School and back to Cambridge at the end of the school day.  An easy and eco friendly way to travel to and from school.


The bus is met by a Teaching Assistant outside the school door and the children are escorted safely into the school and their classrooms and kindergartens. In the afternoons a teacher or assistant ensures that the children are all on the school bus for their homeward journey.  Barry, our bus driver, ensures all the children are safely picked up and delivered home. 


For further information including the latest times, stops and prices, please email or contact Elke at reception on 01223 882727.